Popular “influencer” arrested for an alleged crime of drug distribution

The influencer mexican Gaby castle was arrested this Monday in Mexico City “probably related to a criminal group that operates in the downtown area,” as reported by the Secretary of Citizen Security in a statement.

At car in which she, 26, and a man, 35, were traveling, the authorities allegedly found “169 plastic bags with a white powder, possibly cocaine, and 70 plastic bags with a dry green vegetable with the characteristics of marijuana ”. Both were transferred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and are in custody. Castillo, who participated in 2018 in the popular television show Falling in love, a reality show on TV Azteca, had previously been linked to Unión Tepito, a cartel that operates in the center of the Mexican capital.

According to international media, Castillo was arrested in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, in the center of the city, inside a black truck in which she was traveling with a man. The authorities then verified that the vehicle appeared in an investigation folder in the State of Nuevo León for the crime of fraud.

The Secretariat of Citizen Security of the capital explained that the one who the authorities were looking for was the man detained along with Castillo. The arrested man allegedly operated in the states of Nuevo León, Morelos, the State of Mexico and Mexico City and was engaged in buying high-end vehicles that he paid with bad checks, in addition to the sale and distribution of narcotics in downtown the capital. “Her [fue detenida porque] I was with him ”, says a source from the secretariat.



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