Popular influencers have turned their careers upside down by becoming singers

Some of the figures that have emerged thanks to social networks have not settled for being recognized as influencers and have turned their careers around. Youtubers, tiktokers and instagramers have taken advantage of that empathy with the public and have revealed themselves as singers, some reaching a good popular acceptance, while others are not so accepted because they lack the talent to sing.

Here we take a look and name Dominican and Spanish-speaking influencers who have made their way into the world of music in recent times.

It is important to highlight the division between the followers of these influencers, because some fans do consider them talented, while others believe that the majority of those named here do not have enough talents to be considered true singers.

Chicky bom bom

The Dominican influencer reached popularity thanks to her famous phrase “good, good”, for which she is recognized on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Now he joined El Alfa “El Jefe” and Ryan Castro in the song “Chupable”, released on November 11, counting so far with more than 5.9 million visits.

With the phrase “suckable, suckable and even the chewy stick”, the controversial Mexican tiktoker Kunno is seen as a model in the audiovisual.

“Cool! I am crying of emotion. The glory is of God ”, expressed the Dominican charismatic when she launched the song.

Chicky had already debuted as a singer by the hand of the Mexican artist Thalía in 2016 with the song “Frutas”, and in 2017 she conquered the Hispanic public in the United States after participating in the Univisión television program “Mira who baila” .

+ Candy Flow

Considered by many to be the first Dominican influencer on Instagram, she debuted as an artist in July when she premiered “En que eh que tú tá”, a song that generated mostly negative comments because many believe that Candy copied the style of the “La Insuperable” urban interpreter.

“En Qué Es Qué Tú Ta” is her third single and she presented it as a hymn that inspires women to feel confident about themselves and to recognize their virtues in street language.

The song was produced by Draco Deville, Big Chriss and distributed by the Meta Music label.

“With this song I want to send a message of power to my women, where they understand that they only need to feel safe to eat the world and be the plant as the song says,” said last July the businesswoman, author of the song with Heidy Brown, Adán Alberto and Draco Deville.

Candy Flow has reached more than 2.2 million followers on the Instagram platform and in addition to singing, it also records performances in films such as “Que León”, “Los Leones”, “It is not what it seems”, among others.

+ Mommy Jordan

Mary Esther, the controversial Instagram celebrity who calls herself “Mami Jordán”, presented her first song last year, naming it as “I am the para”, this being the only interpretation with which Esther has managed to place herself in the trend. .

+ Elver Sánchez

He has more than three million followers on TikTok, the platform for which he is known in the Dominican Republic. Elver Sánchez has taken advantage of the number of fans he has to launch himself as a singer, publishing different compositions on YouTube.

+ Juan Tavarez

He is an instagramer and youtuber followed by videos in which he simulates doing interviews with well-known characters. However, he has also dedicated himself to disseminating songs on his YouTube account, “Caretúa” being the single published with the most visits.

+ Adolfo Lora

The Dominican youtuber is popular in Latin America for his videos of social experiments, which have helped him earn almost three million subscribers on YouTube. The followers of the influencer have been able to enjoy a few musical themes that he has presented. However, Lora has not stood out as a singer.

+ Juan de Dios Pantoja

The famous Mexican youtuber became a singer when he launched in 2017 with Tony M the song “Dile Mentiras”, since then he has focused on music, leaving behind his role as an independent video creator for the YouTube platform .

+ Lele Pons

The Venezuelan-American internet celebrity has made different song releases, but it is thanks to “Se te nota”, which she published together with Guaynaa and is considered by many to be an influencer who knows how to sing. A few days ago she just took up the song “Let i Snow “(” Christmas, Christmas, Christmas “).

+ Kimberly Loaiza

She is one of the Mexican influencers who enjoys the most international fame. Loaiza began her career as a youtuber in 2016, then in 2019 she followed in the footsteps of her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja and began her musical career by releasing the single “Enamorarme”, which today has more than 90 million of reproductions.

+ Naim Darrechi

The renowned and controversial Spanish influencer has spread different musical themes on his YouTube channel. Because of these, it has generated millions of views on streaming platforms.