Pornhub publishes report of the most watched in 2021 and reveals what happened when Facebook went down

Through his official blog, Pornhub just posted your annual report that reveals what content was the most popular in 2021. Not only that, since this adult site also exposed that there was an increase in its traffic on 4th of October when the worldwide fall of Facebook, WhatsApp Instagram, Messenger, the most popular applications of Goal Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

According to the publication, the countries that generated the most traffic to Pornhub during 2021 were U.S United Kingdom, Japan, France, Italy and Mexico. Other Latin American countries that appear on the list are Brazil (ranked 10), Argentina (ranked 16) and Colombia (ranked 17).

Another fact thrown by the report is that the most searched term in this portal it was ‘hentai’, an anime genre that is intended for audiences over 18 years of age. Other keywords more popular with users were ‘romance’ (second place) and ‘group sex’ (group sex), which came in third place.

When it comes to adult film actresses, Lana Rhoades She was the most sought-after pornstar by platform users (1,230 million views). They are followed by Abella Danger, Eva Elfie and Riley Reid. For his part, the actor Jordi ENP is the only man in this ranking (8th place).

Finally, the annual Pornhub report also details the “events that caused a change in traffic.” The most striking was the one that occurred on October 4, 2021, when the most popular Meta applications suffered a worldwide drop that lasted around 6 hours. During this period, adult page traffic is up 10.5% compared to a normal day.