Premature baby tests positive for drugs: strange behavior alerted doctors

The Court of Instruction number 1 Valladolid (Spain) has been working for two weeks in the investigation of the positive drug of a baby born prematurely on December 23 at the Hospital Clínico de Valladolid.

After the mother gave birth, the doctors noticed strange behavior in the newborn, so they decided to submit her to a test to detect if she had taken any substances, the results of which confirmed their suspicions.

The baby was ingesting the substance when she was breastfeeding, so the mother was immediately prevented from continuing to breastfeed and the Pediatrics service activated the protocol for the protection of minors, according to information published in EI Norte de Castilla.

Sources in the case have informed the media that they tried to contact the Board to open a provisional protection file on the newborn, but they did not succeed until December 27.

The Family and Equal Opportunities Department assured that all the protocols established for this type of event have been complied with, detailing that the minor is under the guardianship of social services.

In January 2020, a baby was transferred by his parents to the Vinalopó Hospital Emergency Room (Spain) after suffering from apnea (loss of breathing) and vomiting. The doctors carried out a series of tests, including urine, and verified the presence of cocaine in the child’s blood, for which he was ordered to be hospitalized.

A hypothesis cited by the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia indicates that the adults would have manipulated the drug, part of which reached the baby’s mouth.

Health sources consulted by La Información indicated that “it is enough for someone who has manipulated drugs to touch a pacifier, bottle, or any other object that may be in contact with the baby, for intoxication to occur.”

With information from EFE