Presidential elections in Chile: Who is winning in the polls shortly after the start of the elections?

In Chile, the 2021 presidential elections will take place this Sunday, November 21, which maintains Gabriel Boric and José Antonio Kast as the main candidates in the race. Find out what the polls mark a few days before the general elections.

They will vote for deputies, senators and regional councilors in some areas of chili. For this, the Electoral Service (Servel) has already notified the polling stations and table members. If you are abroad, check it out here.

Cadem, one of the most recognized pollsters in Chile, showed in her latest vote estimate Kast in the lead with 25% voting intention, followed by Boric with 19%.

The surprise gave her Franco Parisi who is outside the country, climbing to third place with 10%. Further back are Yasna Provoste (9%), Sebastian Sichel (8%), Marco Enríquez-Ominami (5%) and Eduardo Artés (2%).

While Pulso Ciudadano placed Deputy Boric as leader with 21.3%, Kast with 16.3%, Provoste with 13.1%, Sebastián Sichel with 7.5%, Parisi with 5%, Enríquez- Ominami with 3.4% and the ultra-left Artés with 1.6%.

By law, since Sunday, November 7, polls can no longer be broadcast in Chile. In the last one, on Friday the 5th, Kast reversed the trend and appeared as the winner in a hypothetical ballot for the first time.

According to Cadem, Kast would beat Boric (44% vs. 40%) and Provoste (42% vs. 41%), while the representative of the Broad Front would defeat Provoste (37% vs. 34%) and lose by a narrow margin against Sichel (40% vs. 39%).

In the case of Feedback, it showed an even stronger poll: Kast would win with 49% compared to 41% for Boric.