Preventive tips to take care of your health

This Thursday, April 7th, the World Health Daydate with which it is intended to raise awareness about the deadly diseases that affect the world and also promote healthy habits in populations.

Regarding the habits that affect the quality of your Healthwe reproduce an interview with Dr. Celia Maldonado Polanco, a general practitioner with studies in Primary Care, who recommends routine preventive check-ups from birth, to preserve the good state of Health of people.

—What is the preventive medicine?

As its name indicates, it is the medical specialty that helps us anticipate, anticipate the events of some conditions that can give rise to a disease or allow a disease to evolve.

—Is there an age to undergo preventive medical check-ups?

No, care must start from birth, with regular check-ups. In the case of infants, even if the baby is healthy, it should be taken monthly to the pediatric consultation, up to the age of five, to prevent them from developing any condition of Health.

In the case of adults, if they are healthy, they should undergo routine check-ups every six months and if they have developed any pathology that compromises the patient’s life, it is advisable to go to their specialist for between one and three months.

—What medical procedures should we undergo preventively?

Laboratory analysis to check cholesterol, triglyceride, glycemia, among others. Also, chest x-ray, sonography.

After the age of 40, it is recommended that a patient periodically undergo colonoscopy studies and checkups of the upper and lower digestive tracts to prevent cancer.

In the case of men, when they are over 40 years old, prostate check-ups are recommended and women should go to the gynecologist every six months for Pap smears and sonomammograms.

—What diseases can we prevent with routine check-ups?

Hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, stress, chronic respiratory diseases and countless pathologies.

—What habits can help us stay in shape? Health?

Maintain a good diet and for this a balance must be made in what we eat. In addition, exercising, drinking water several times a day, not smoking, reducing alcohol consumption and not having a sedentary life are some habits that can help us.

—How should our diet be?

It is recommended to eat five times a day, that is, breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks, between one meal and another. It is also important not to skip breakfast or go on long fasts.

For a good diet we must eat fruits, reduce the intake of carbohydrates, fats and sugars, and eat meats to obtain proteins.

How much physical exercise should we practise?

It is recommended to walk daily for at least 30 minutes. Playing sports helps us stay physically, mentally and emotionally stable.

Helps maintain weight, but also at the level of the Health It is a regulator for hypertensive people, with cholesterol problems and hyperglycemia.

In the case of people who, due to their occupations, cannot find time to go to a gym or park, they should use the stairs at their workplace instead of using the elevator. If the person works sitting down, we recommend that they stand up every hour and walk for five to ten minutes to stretch their legs and avoid circulation problems.

—What hygiene standards are recommended for daily development?

Handwashing is paramount and we saw it recently with the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the correct washing and cooking of food will favor our Health. Likewise, we must sanitize our body and ventilate closed spaces, such as rooms and offices.

—How can we prevent depression and stress?

We live in a time where we are in a hurry and any situation is a trigger for stress, so the ideal is to live in harmony with the people around us. Reading is a habit that helps us a lot to manage stress, just like physical exercise.

About depression, as a society, we need more support every day. If a person feels that he has problems he should speak up, seek help and not get involved or condemn or pressure himself. There are many places in the country that offer us psychiatric and psychological help.

It is important that people keep in mind that seeking psychological help does not mean that you are facing a mental illness, on the contrary, this would prevent developing a pathology. As simple as the situation may seem, you have to seek help.

—How many hours should we sleep and why is it important to comply with that?

According to neurology specialists and sleep disorder specialists, it is recommended that the body needs a minimum rest of eight hours.

This is important because during the hours of sleep our brain regenerates and the neurons multiply.