Price of the dollar in Venezuela TODAY, January 4, according to DolarToday and Dollar Monitor

DolarToday and Dollar Monitor continue with the dollar price highest in the country this Tuesday, January 4, a day after the application of booster doses against COVID-19 in health personnel began, according to Executive Vice President Delcy Rodríguez.

On your site, DolarToday handles a price of 4.74 Bs. In Venezuela. Meanwhile in Dollar Monitor on its website, which is updated every 30 minutes, the amount is 4.80 bolívares.

In addition, DolarToday publishes a price of 5.57 bolivars per dollar in Cúcuta, a city on the border with Colombia where many people pass daily. The bitcoin dollar is at 4.67; while the petro cryptocurrency, at 257.71.

Monitor Dollar on Instagram, on his account @EnParaleloVzla, left an average of 4.81 Bs. For this Tuesday, January 4.

Yummy Dollar, another of the diffusers of the parallel market, has an exchange rate of 4.59 bolivars.

The BCV closed with a price of 4.58 Bs., Which will remain until the afternoon of this Tuesday.

“Start the reinforcement plan in Venezuela, starting with our health personnel, doctors, nurses and health center workers, ”Rodríguez said the day before through Venezolana de Televisión.

The immunization session will be held in public hospitals, Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI) and private clinics.

Medical personnel will receive the booster dose of the Russian Sputnik Light vaccine and the Chinese Sinopharm.

With information from EFE.