Price of the dollar in Venezuela TODAY, January 5, according to DolarToday and Dollar Monitor

The price of the dollar according to the DolarToday and Dollar Monitor pages is trading higher this Wednesday, January 5, compared to that indicated by the official rate with which the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) closed, a day after the Venezuelan opponent Eduardo Battistini, representative of former deputy Juan Guaidó in Colombia, denounced President Nicolás Maduro for having “handed over” the territorial sovereignty of his country to “irregular armed groups”.

“Nicolás Maduro has handed over our territorial sovereignty to irregular armed groups so that they can use it as a hideout, theater of operations, space for evasion of justice, as well as to organize acts of violence against the Colombian state,” Battistini wrote on his Twitter account .

The politician made this comment after a war broke out between dissidents from the FARC and the ELN guerrillas for territorial control in the Colombian department of Arauca, bordering the Venezuelan state of Apure, in which, so far, the death of 24 people.

In Battistini’s opinion, these events “show, once again, how the collusion and complicity of the Nicolás Maduro regime generates violence, death and displacement of the civilian population on the Colombian-Venezuelan border.”

This Wednesday, January 5, the dollar is quoted according to DolarToday at 4.83 Bs. In Cúcuta, a border region with Colombia, the price is at 5.57. While the Bitcoin is at 4.71 and the Petro at 257.71.

Dollar Monitor on Instagram, on his account @EnParaleloVzla, left an average of 4.84 Bs. For this Wednesday, January 5.

Yummy Dollar, another of the diffusers of the parallel market, has an exchange rate of 4.59 bolivars.

The BCV closed with a price of 4.60390000.