Price of the dollar in Venezuela TODAY, January 7, according to DolarToday and Dollar Monitor

DolarToday continues with the dollar price highest in the country this Friday, January 7, at almost 5 dollars, which is above the official rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) amid the tension raised on the border with Colombia.

According to a new balance by the Colombian Ombudsman’s Office published on Thursday, 27 civilians and combatants died in clashes between the ELN, the last guerrilla recognized in Colombia and FARC dissidents that departed from the Peace Agreement, in a border region with Venezuela.

The Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the new death toll – which on Tuesday was 23 – and claimed to have identified 20, including two minors, two women, four Venezuelans and four alleged FARC dissidents who were marginalized from the signed Peace Agreement with the defunct guerrilla in 2016.

Meanwhile, DolarToday had a price of 4.98 Bs. In Venezuela but it went down to 4.92. Meanwhile in Dollar Monitor On its website, which is updated every 30 minutes, the amount is 4.89 bolivars.

In addition, DolarToday manages a price of 5.57 bolivars per dollar in Cúcuta, a border city with Colombia where many people pass daily. The bitcoin dollar is at 4.84, while the petro cryptocurrency is at 257.71.

Dollar Monitor On Instagram, on his account @EnParaleloVzla, he left an average of 4.95 Bs. for this Friday, January 7.

The BCV closed with a price of 4.62210000 Bs., Which will remain until the afternoon of this Friday.

With information from AFP