Price of the dollar in Venezuela today, Thursday, January 6, according to DolarToday and Dollar Monitor

The dollar price DolarToday continues to have the highest in Venezuela, which manages this Thursday, January 6, a rate close to five dollars, the same as Dollar Monitor a day after Jorge Rodríguez was ratified as president of the National Assembly (AN).

The plenary of the National Assembly (unicameral Parliament with a pro-government majority) ratified the deputy on Wednesday, January 5 Jorge Rodriguez as president of that body for the 2022-2023 session.

“Majority evident. Jorge Rodríguez Gómez is approved and elected as president of the National Assembly ”, indicated the Chavista leader himself, who served as debate director in the first session of 2022.

Similarly, Iris Valera was re-elected as first vice president of the National Assembly, and deputy Vanessa Montero was appointed as second vice president of that legislative body.

DolarToday reflects on its page a parallel price of 4.91 bolivars. Likewise, the bitcoin dollar places it at 4.75 and the petro at 257.71.

In Colombia, where there is an armed conflict between dissidents from the FARC and the ELN, the price of the dollar has not changed. According Dollar today It is trading at 5.57 Bs.

Monitor Dollar on its website, which is updated every 30 minutes, reflects an average of 4.90 bolivars.

Yummy Dollar handles an exchange rate of 4.59 bolivars.

The official dollar price it is currently Bs 4.60, according to the BCV.

With information from Sputnik.