Price of the dollar today Tuesday: Dollar Monitor and DolarToday in Venezuela

The price of the parallel dollar that DolarToday handles for this Tuesday, November 16, 2021 is above the official rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) that shows the amount at 4.48 bolivars in financial entities.

For DolarToday (@DolarToday), the price of the dollar is quoted at 4.61 bolivars per dollar while on the portal Dollar Monitor (@monitordolarweb) place it at 4.60 The dollar in Cúcuta, a border city with Colombia, is trading at 5.57 bolivars and the bitcoin dollar rose to 4.55.

According to Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan economy is showing signs of clear recovery and on the eve he indicated that Venezuela reached 74% of the population vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Today we reach 74% of the vaccinated population, and we are heading to 80%, on November 30 we should be reaching 80% (…) and we have vaccines in Venezuela to vaccinate 95% of the population ”, expressed Maduro during a speech.

The questioned president indicated that he is already carrying out the budgetary procedures to acquire the third dose of the vaccines and begin immunization in January 2022.

From November 12 to 20, the Tú eres Patria Bonus will be active through the Patria platform.

For this November 16, the official price of the BCV is 4,488,300.00 bolivars.

DolarToday reports that the euro is currently at 5.02 bolivars.

Last Thursday DolarToday closed with a parallel price of Bs. 4.55.

At 10.00 (local time) the price of Monitor Dollar fell to 4.60 bolivars.

The amount of Bonus You Are Country is Bs. 15.40, which is equivalent to 3.44 dollars, according to Dollar today.

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