Prince Andrew will go to trial: son of Queen Elizabeth II will face lawsuit of sexual abuse of a minor

He will have to be held accountable to justice. Prince Andrew of England will face trial in the case of sexual abuse against Virginia Giuffre, when she was a minor. The defense of the son of Queen Elizabeth II tried to dismiss the lawsuit, but it was rejected by a judge in New York, the United States rejected it.

As reported by the British outlet Daily Mail, the royal legal team tried to evade the lawsuit of Virginia Giuffre ensuring that the woman received an economic agreement in 2009 with the late magnate Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of a network of trafficking of minors in the elite world.

In addition, they delivered court documents of the agreement between the plaintiff and Epstein where it is disclosed that Giuffre received $ 500,000. The agreement was presented before a judge of New York and states that:

“The second parties and any other person or entity that could have been included as a possible defendant … [queda excluida] of each and every one of Virginia Giuffre’s actions and actions, including state or federal ones, “the document reads. It is important to specify that the name of the prince Andrew it does not appear in the agreement.

What is Virginia Giuffre’s complaint?

Virginia Giuffre, who denounced that Jeffrey Epstein and her partner Ghislaine Maxwell abused her, claiming that they both forced her to have sex with Prince Andrew at the age of 17. On August 9, he filed a lawsuit against the son of Queen Elizabeth, denouncing “violence” and “emotional damage.”

It should be noted that the judge’s decision is a new blow for the royal family that has been affected by the sexual abuse lawsuit against Prince Andrew, who maintained ties with Epstein and Maxwell.

Other well-known characters who were part of the Jeffrey Epstein circle, in addition to Prince Andrew, were former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. The mogul committed suicide in a Manhattan jail a month after being arrested for sex trafficking in July 2019.