Psychologist on possible breakup of Cachaza and Rafael Cardozo: “It is not easy to close a circle of 12 years”

The specialist Lizbeth Cueva in the program of America Today to comment on the possible breakup between Rafael Cardozo and Cachaza, especially after the Brazilian began to react to messages of heartbreak on her account. Instagramfurther fueling speculation of a separation.

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“Suddenly they don’t necessarily go to the person, it’s fine if they’re done, but I see it more than one way for her to overcome, feed her emotional stability, see things differently,” was the first thing the psychologist said when They questioned him about the message.

Secondly, Lizbeth Cueva He recalled that the relationship time they have had is not little Raphael Cardozo with CachaçaWell, they were already in wedding plans for 2023, therefore, the specialist is sure that the “garota” would be trying to reflect herself, and that it would not be a hint for the reality boy.

“It is not so easy to close a circle after 12 years, it is a process, but it is a decision and every day one has to seek to be well or better, and phrases like these or self-dialogue are important every day,” he concluded. saying Lizbeth Cueva.

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What is the last message Cahaza liked?

According to the program of America Today, Carol Reali I would have liked a last reflection message in Instagram today, where he mentions that he wants to forget his past so he can focus on his present and future.

“And finally the day came when I was able to be at peace with my past, it no longer weighs me down, it no longer hurts me, today I fall more and more in love with my present, the future no longer scares me, it does not stop me, today I’m looking forward to it, today I’m present,” reads the message.