Public Ministry will investigate Cindy Novoa’s complaint at the request of the MIMP

Sport free of violence against women. Cindy novoa Peruvian soccer player, former member of Alianza Lima and University of Sports On December 30, he revealed the real reason for his departure from the ‘U’ towards the intimate picture: it was not for money, it was to maintain her ideals, such as professional ethics, that led her to leave the cream shop in 2019 when the season ended and she was champion.

In addition, the international midfielder with La Blanquirroja, commented through their social networks that, within the merengue institution, they had a “perverted minor coach.” The complaint echoed until it reached the ears of the Ministry of the Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP) you have taken action.

On Sunday, January 2, 2022, the minister in charge of this portfolio, Anahi Durand through Twitter reported that “From the MIMP, the Public Ministry has been asked to initiate the investigation into Cindy Novoa’s complaint.”

“Sports clubs have to be safe spaces for women. We are going for a 2022 with equality “ added Durand, who gave the honor play in the last final of the FPF Women’s League.

Cindy Novoa, through her Twitter account, was direct when revealing what had happened: “In 2019 I gave up everything because I was clear saying that PROFESSIONAL ETHICS was not negotiable, at that moment we had a perverted minor coach. From my side I seek equality in my sport, they imagine being in my position. There I leave the information and investigate “, wrote the midfielder.

Likewise, the international midfielder with the Peruvian team was blunt with all its critics: “And another piece of information, my salary in alliance was less than in university. Seriously sometimes they are toxic, I answer them because I see a lot of things that already bother a little. Instead of asking me, I answer ”, he added.