Pumpkin pie or ‘pumpkin pie’

Monday is Halloween Day and, in the Dominican Republic, where many already celebrate the date, they are preparing to give shape to their celebration this weekend.

A good way to do it is with the gastronomic part, and chef Martín Omar shares with readers an ideal recipe for the holidays. He knows that this is the time preferred by ‘spirits’, ‘disoriented souls’, ‘witches’, ‘zombies’ and pumpkins, and that is why he wants them to discover what lies behind a skull costume.

1 1/2 pound of pumpkin 6 ounces of cream sugar 1 box of cream cheese 2 eggs 1 teaspoon of grated or powdered ginger 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder 1 teaspoon of sweet cloves powder 1 pinch of salt Grated skin of a lemon

For the mold:

1 package of biscuits maria 3 tablespoons of butter


If you don’t want to get too complicated, boil the auyama skin and all, in large pieces, without falling apart, and then pass it through a frying pan with butter and a little sugar to caramelize. The best option would be to disguise the pumpkins by smearing them with butter, cream sugar and cinnamon powder and hiding them in the oven until the heat softens their flesh and they are as golden as a late October sunset. Then he removes the skin and puts it in the blender jar, along with the cream cheese and the rest of the ingredients. For a less refined texture, do not blend, just blend until all ingredients are well mixed.
While you boil or roast the pumpkins, and before wetting the blender jar, place the cookies and crush them until they turn into flour, then with your hands and in a bowl, add the butter and stir until you form a “shortcrust pastry”. Decorate the walls of a removable oven container, until the entire mold is finely ‘pasted’. Add the mixture and bake at 190ºC for 40 minutes. On Halloween, not everything is what it seems. so don’t get carried away by emotions, control your impulses and let it cool well, before sticking the knife in it. Oh… and save the surprise for your family or guests to devour your ‘pumpkin’ pie in a pack, like wild wolves enjoying this simple and delicious recipe.