Qatar 2022: the unusual reason why footballers spit out water when they drink it

The Qatar 2022 World Cup has become a constellation of stars of the king of sports, thousands of soccer fans have come to Qatar to see their favorite athletes, however, one of the aspects that has most attracted the attention of the fans are some hobbies that do not make much sense.

The peculiar goal celebrations and some expressions during the anthems have become a reason for suspicion among the fans of the world CupHowever, a practice that has always attracted attention is the curious way in which footballers hydrate.

The act consists of drinking the water, savoring it for a few seconds and then spitting it out, something that is not very logical if you want to hydrate. Although it may be unpleasant, it has a scientific reason that explains why they do it.

Why do soccer players spit out water?

It is worth mentioning that what soccer players and athletes in general drink are drinks with a carbohydrate solution, important for them to recover energy after the physical wear and tear they experience. Along these lines, the director of performance solutions for the Sports Institute of Canada, Trent Stellingwerfexplains that wiping has an “immediate effect”.

“It stimulates the pleasure and reward centers in the brain,” explains the specialist. He also pointed out that the reason athletes spit out carbs is because it could cause them stomach problems due to the condition their body is in at the time. Athletes must keep the liquid between 5 to 10 seconds in the mouth.