Quadrantid meteor shower 2022: where and what time to watch NASA LIVE broadcast

During the month of December of the year 2021, citizens were able to witness very impressive astronomical events. Now, after starting the year, a new one can be seen and it is the Quadrantid Meteor Shower, which will be one of the most intense of the year, especially for those in the northern hemisphere.

The number of meteors that will cross the sky will reach a peak of 120 per hour, so observers will have a better chance to catch them. Besides, the Moon It will only be illuminated at 1.9% as a result of its new Moon phase, so the darkness will allow greater visibility of the shooting stars.

What time to see the Quadrantid Meteor Shower?

The shower of Quadrantic stars could be seen from the northern hemisphere, on Monday, January 3, at dawn. But this Tuesday, January 4, it will have its second highest peak since 3.34 am, Peruvian time.

It is worth mentioning that the astronomical phenomenon ends on January 12, but TODAY you can see the peak at these times, depending on your country:

  • Mexico: 3.34 am (Mexico City)
  • Peru: 3.34 am (Lima)
  • Argentina: 5.34 am (Buenos Aires)
  • Chile: 5.34 am (Santiago)
  • Venezuela: 4.34 am (Caracas)
  • Spain: 6.00 UT

Where to watch the broadcast of the Quadrantid Meteor Shower?

The passage of the meteor shower It will also be broadcast by the Teide Observatory, in Tenerife (Spain), through its channel on sky-live.tv, on January 4 at 1.00 am (Peruvian time) and 6.00 UT.