Rafael Cardozo and his message about the end of his relationship with ‘Cachaza’: “End and beginning of a new stage”

One more time. The member of the reality show ‘This is war’ Rafael Cardozo continues to arouse suspicions among his followers about the continuity of his commitment to the Brazilian model, Carol Reali, better known as ‘Cachaza’. how do you know ‘Cachaça‘ has also not hesitated to share hidden messages that hint at the end of their relationship.

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Given this, Raphael raised more alarms after a recent message he shared on his Instagram profile. Where she hints that a new stage in her life will begin. No Cachaça?

End and beginning of a new stage. I love when life challenges me, ”said the Brazilian as a description of his video. In the clip, you can see the EEG member brooding and smoking alone.

As expected, several media characters wrote to him, one of them was Nicola: “Let’s go,” Nicola Porcella wrote in the comments section of the social network. While other followers did not hesitate to criticize his attitude for “wasting ‘Cachaza’ time”.

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Ethel Pozo regrets alleged breakup of Rafael Cardozo and Cachaza: “After 12 years, a shame”

sorry. Ethel Well spoke about the rumors of the end of the relationship between Rafael Cardozo and Carol Reali, he said so on his program ‘América Hoy’. “I have first-hand information, I never have it, but yesterday I recorded with Rafael Cardozo. It seems that love has really ended, it makes me sad.”

Janet Barboza and Brunella Horna’s partner gave more details of the alleged breakup of the model and the reality boy. “Love is a risk, but 12 years and they don’t reach the altar, it’s a shame, 12 years,” she said on Tuesday, September 20.