Rafael Cardozo boasts his holiday in the pool: “My companion Minie” [VIDEO]

The strong rumors of a possible separation with ‘Cachaza’ after 11 years are getting louder. Rafael Cardozo and Carol Reali’s relationship would have come to an end, even though they were about to marry, because he asked for her hand at a romantic dinner.

YOU CAN SEE: Cachaza reappears smiling with Austin Palao and friends after estrangement with Rafael Cardozo [VIDEO]

Radio presenter Rafael Cardozo stopped following the model on Instagram, after it became known that he had left the house in Surco that he shared with his partner, and would have moved to an exclusive apartment in Miraflores.

This afternoon, Saturday, October 8, the popular “Incredible Man” who resigned from “This is war” and will have to pay 400 thousand soles to América Televisión for civil compensation, shared on networks that he spends the holiday with his pet. “My mate Minie,” he wrote on Instagram.

In the images, he can be seen inside his pool, listening to his favorite music and caressing his little dog, which he took care of next to ‘Cachaza’. A few days ago, it was said that the influencer moved from the house of Cardozo and took the pet. However, it seems that this is not entirely true.

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Rafael Cardozo: Korina Rivadeneira reveals how she ended up with Cachaza: “It was not infidelity”

Korina Rivadeneira She is no stranger to rumors of the separation of her friends Cachaza and Rafael Cardozo. “Yes, I’m very sorry, really, for them because I thought they were going to get married, I already had a ring, everything and out of nowhere they break up,” she said.

In addition, the Venezuelan actress confirmed, in ‘Estas en todos’, that the separation was not abrupt and they broke up on good terms. “That’s nice, when the relationship ends well and it doesn’t end with infidelity or because something has happened, but everything is fine.”