Rafael Cardozo confesses after asking Cachaza’s hand: “I knelt at 12:00”

Rafael Cardozo and Carol Reali, better known as ‘Cachaza’ in the entertainment world, not only got engaged recently at the beginning of the year, but the popular radio host gave more details about how the model’s hand request was in an interview for + Shows.

Is so when Jasmine Pinedo, Brunella Horna Y Collide mandros They asked him about how that special moment had been, the Brazilian did not hesitate to mention that it was a magical moment for both of them.

So much so that after having planned everything to perfection, he waited for the arrival of 12:00 on January 1, 2022 so that, finally and after 11 years, he asked the former reality girl to become his wife.

When they asked him why there were no photographs or a video that portrayed the moment, the former member of This is war He related that they dedicated themselves to enjoying both with tender displays of affection.

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Rafael Cardozo asked Carol Reali’s hand after 11 years in love

One piece of news that drew a lot of attention is that Rafael Cardozo finally proposed to the Brazilian model, Carol Reali, better known as ‘Cachaza’, after 11 years on January 1, 2022.

Rafael Cardozo used his stories to share how he walked next to his girlfriend, while she excitedly showed her ring. He also showed an image of his next wife’s hand with the jewel while holding an appetizing drink on the morning of January 1. “What a way to start 2022.”

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