Rafael Cardozo prepares pizza and enjoys being single: “What a delicious moment!”

While listening to one of his favorite songs in Portuguese, Rafael Cardozo enjoys displaying culinary art. The former reality boy decided to prepare his own pizza and treat himself to eating it by himself. “My company for this Sunday,” wrote the popular “Incredible Man.”

In his story of instagram, posted several videos of their Sunday dinner. However, she presumed that she will not show all the preparation of the pizza because “I have my little secrets”. In this sense, Rafael clarified that there are things that he does not record because they are unique. “What a delicious moment!” he wrote as a description of another clip.

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The ex of ‘cachaça’ he boasted that he loves being single and dining alone. She turns on the radio, pours a drink and sits down to enjoy this special moment. “Pizza night, I only lasted three pieces,” said the former warrior who has been away from competition programs for almost a year. His only company is his pet who has a good time with him.

Raphael Cardozo told in a recent interview that he intended to return with Carol Reali, to whom he asked to marry, but made the model official andre bankoff like your new partner. The love was still intact despite the months. He now confesses that he is not in love with the influencer, although they had a 12-year relationship.

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Rafael Cardozo: What did you do with the ring you gave ‘Cachaza’?

After several months, Raphael Cardozo broke his silence about what happened to ‘Cachaça’. During his interview with ‘Estás en todas’, the Brazilian talked about what he did with the ring he gave to the woman with whom he planned to spend the rest of his life. “I told him: ‘You can keep everything, build your little house, don’t worry about me, but not the ring'”.

Throughout 12 years, the garoto said that he gave him all his life and faithfulness. “I had given him a relationship, a marriage and I told him ‘give me back my commitment’ because it was no longer going to serve him… I would never use it again, but I have sold it,” he confessed to the cameras of América Televisión.