Rafael Cardozo reveals details of the request for a hand to ‘Cachaza’: “I knelt and trembled”

In full New Year’s celebration, Rafael Cardozo placeholder image He proposed to his partner Carol Reali, known as ‘Cachaza’. After more than a decade of solid romance, the former reality guys got engaged.

After this emotional moment, the Brazilian model told details of the romantic request for his hand to his future wife and said that, due to nerves, he was “shaking”.

“I got down on my knees at 0.00 (on January 1). I chose a very beautiful ring (…) a beautiful ring for Carol. I was trembling “ he said in a conversation with + Espectáculos.

In addition, he assured that with all the beautiful sensations that he has experienced with his engagement, he feels very excited to be married to his beloved.

“Now that I have given the ring, I have experienced something so beautiful that now it does make me marry; this year I am getting married yes or yes ”, he added.

The popular ‘Cachaza’ did not hesitate to leave an unexpected message to her Instagram followers and expressed her emotion after committing herself to Rafael Cardozo, to whom she had expressed her desire to get married on many occasions.

“I start the year with this beautiful and long-awaited surprise, I think, not only for me, but for all of you who have always been here with us. I am very happy and of course I said yes, “he wrote.

After publicly communicating that they are about to get married, Carol Reali and Rafael Cardozo were more than relaxed in the facilities of the cruise in which they decided to receive 2022.

The two shared videos and photos enjoying the view of their room and kicking off the new year with breakfast together.