Rafael Cardozo reveals the real reason why he did not want to marry Cachaza

Rafael Cardozo was the special guest of + Espectáculos to talk about the proposal he had with Carol Reali, ‘Cachaza’. In addition, he gave details such as why he had not previously thought about doing something as important as thinking about a wedding with her.

When asked about how it felt to kneel and ask his now fiancee Carol Reali for her hand, he mentioned that it was such a beautiful and special moment that he saw things totally different.

“When I gave the ring, I felt so good that now I want to get married,” he mentioned at first.

However, when it came time to answer why he had not considered asking his beloved for her hand before, Rafael had a curious answer that left everyone speechless.

“I already feel married, we have lived together for 11 years,” said the former Latina driver, making it clear that after living together and living with Cachaza, he did not feel the need to formalize something that, for him, it was already a family.

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Cachaza warned Rafael Cardozo that, if he did not ask for his hand, he would leave him

The Brazilian model Carol reali surprised more than one by claiming Rafael Cardozo live in the middle of the program Women in Command Because despite having been in a relationship for almost eleven years, he still hasn’t asked her to marry him. As is known, they met on the reality show This is War and they are one of the most solid couples in show business.

“I am extremely upset. I am already fed up. Every year he tells me the same thing and the truth is I’m getting tired. We turned eleven years old in January, if he doesn’t ask me to marry him, I’ll leave him, ”said the former reality girl, also live.

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