Rafael Cardozo spends the day with his dog after Cachaza took him away: “With dad, he looks like a street dog”

The Brazilian model Rafael Cardozo showed how much fun he has spending the day with his dog, which he cared for with his ex-partner Cachaza. However, when she ended her relationship, she left the apartment they shared and also took the conceited one.

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In social networksthe garoto showed that he still maintains communication with his ex-girlfriend since it seems that this time he had to share moments with their pet.

“When she’s with her dad, she’s like that, she looks like a street dog, all disheveled… this is a dog from the favela,” the Brazilian model is heard laughing.

It should be noted that Cachaza was caught leaving the apartment he lived with Rafael Cardozo and took all his belongings. When asked about it, he did not want to give statements, but he showed a rather afflicted face.

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Austin Palao pronounces after distancing Rafael Cardozo and Cachaza

Last weekend, Austin Palao and ‘Cachaza’ shared moments together after being invited by a well-known telephone brand. “I saw her happy, yes,” the former reality boy answered briefly. “We were on a catamaran and ‘jet sky’ and had an amazing time.”

In interview with The popular, Austin Palao responded how he saw her in those days, amid strong rumors of a love break. “Yes, very happy, if they give you a catamaran, ‘jet sky’ and sun, you’ll have a good time,” she said. Finally, she said that she has proposals to return to reality shows.