Rafael Cardozo takes care of his dog and watches the World Cup on TV, while Cachaza celebrates from Qatar [VIDEO]

The Brazilian model cachaça has been enjoying since Qatar World Cup 2022while his ex-partner Rafael Cardozo is very attentive to the matches of this great football event from the comfort of his home and in the company of his beloved dog.

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In america shows, the most interesting moments that Carol Reali is enjoying during her stay in Qatar were shared. In the same way they showed how the popular garoto lives the world cup.

“He does not run with the same luck, who was stranded in Piura a few days ago. He is watching the World Cup from his television while he is taking care of his pet,” he said.

So far, none of the models has commented on why they ended their 11-year relationship, after they had already promised to get married.

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Cachaza would have made a drastic decision after separating from Rafael Cardozo

cachaça he no longer wants memories of Raphael Cardozo and the first thing he did was erase the tattoo of the image of a cat, which was stamped when he was in relationship with the garoto. In america today They launched this rumor.

And it is that she shared a video where she assures that a tattoo will be removed and that she was already going through several sessions to disappear it.