Rafael Fernández after Karla Tarazona’s move: “We’ve been super good, like friends” [VIDEO]

The businessman Rafael Fernández spoke about the recent move of Karla Tarazona, who left the luxurious house they shared when they were a married couple. He made it clear for “Amor y Fuego” that they are friends and have remained as such.

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Rafael Fernandez He made it clear that they have turned out very well and there are no problems between the two. “We have been super good and we are super calm. If I can help in something, happy. I have no problem, apart from that, we have finished very well, as friends, we have no problem”.

Also, Rafael Fernandez answered if it is true that Karla Tarazona has a lot of things. “Yes, she has a lot of things, I imagine that little by little she will move it and at some point she will buy her house to be calmer.”

Secondly, Rafael Fernandez He assured that the truck they bought has already been transferred to Karla Tarazona. “All those procedures are over, everything is fine. That’s what we agreed on,” said the “King of Eggs.”

Rafael Fernández finally talked about the relationship he has with the children of Karla Tarazona. “I don’t talk to them because right now, with all this happening, I still don’t see them or they are my children, but I still love them.”

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Karla Tarazona goes to a psychologist after her separation from Rafael Fernández: “Filling the soul with peace”

the television presenter Karla Tarazona He has gone through extremely complicated weeks after announcing his unexpected separation with Rafael Fernández. However, the public figure is in the middle of the eye of the storm again after learning about an alleged “ampay” of the Peruvian businessman.

Now the renowned Karla Tarazona He called the attention of his followers again after sharing a snapshot in his stories on his official Instagram account where it can be seen that he made a video call with the clinical psychologist Juliana Sequera. “Filling the soul with peace and tranquility,” wrote the public figure in the photograph.