Rafael Fernández celebrates Karla’s return to TV: “The love of my life”

Your life partner. The television host Karla Tarazona returned to television with the conduction D ‘Mañana along with the popular ‘Nosy’, and her husband was no stranger to the celebration.

With an emotional message through his social networks, the Peruvian businessman expressed his joy for his beloved wife and her professional growth, wrote: “Congratulations love !!!”.

It was via his official account Instagram that the ‘egg guru’ boasted to the comic ex-actress after its launch as the new image of the space of Panamericana Television.

“With the love of my life, before your presentation,” Rafael Fernández mentioned, to which Karla Tarazona responded with a romantic message: “Thank you for joining me in the most important moments of my life, for being my friend and counselor. love”

Karla distances herself from Christian and throws a dart LIVE: “Rafael does not prohibit me, but advises”

The television host Karla Tarazona assured that her husband Rafael Fernández gives her tips for her image, but that she has not managed to prevail, like Christian Domínguez with Pamela Franco.

“In my case, in the situation that I am now obviously I already burned many stages in my life and now I am in my stage as a mother, wife … It is not that he prohibits me, nor does he prohibit me, but he is very aware of my things , to advise me on what things look good on me and what things look bad on me, “he added.