Rafael Fernández questions the use of spacers at the airport because of this: “They are no longer on the plane” [VIDEO]

He does not find the logic. Karla Tarazona’s husband, Rafael Fernández, strongly questioned the use of acrylic separators at the airport when no distance or separation is respected on the planes due to the contagion of the coronavirus.

“Separation acrylics? Excuse the ignorance, but what are they for?”, The food supplement businessman wrote in a first message when he saw that he still forced himself to be separated while he was in the facilities of the airport.

However, it evidenced that this request would be inconsistent in its biosafety protocols because inside the planes they would not be respected, neither by the passengers nor by those responsible for their safety.

“The answer of the acrylics: they are useless, because they are no longer on the plane,” he said. Rafael Fernandez, Who, leaving this topic aside, reposted the story of Karla Tarazona: “Holidays … Please do not disturb, except if you don’t pay for them.”

Karla Tarazona, her children and Rafael go on vacation: “Do not disturb, less if you don’t pay for them”

The television host Karla Tarazona goes on a family trip with her children and Rafael Fernández, but surprises when she warns against possible criticism, who did she send a message to?

“Vacation mode, the signal is gone !! Vacation mode … Please do not disturb. Except for you if you do not pay,” said the comic ex-actress in her Instagram stories.