Rafael Fernández reveals that he felt pressure before Karla Tarazona to get married: “It was an apocalypse” [VIDEO]

Unintentionally wanting, Rafael Fernández put Karla Tarazona in a bind by revealing LIVE that he felt a little pressured with the date of the civil marriage. Almost two years ago, the cheerleader married the popular ‘king of eggs’. What did she say?

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It all started when the program started talking about the marriage request of Brunella Horna, host of America Today who is now in the line of the engaged after proposal of hand of Richard Acuna.

For your part Kurt Villavicenciobetter known as Metiche did not hesitate to embarrass the guest, the husband of Karla Tarazonawho went to promote his egg-based protein.

While he was cooking, the drivers talked about marriage and how they decided to get married, because despite knowing each other little, they decided to take everything by the antlers and get married in an elegant and luxurious wedding.

It is then that Metiche consulted the businessman if he felt pressured, to which Rafael Fernández confessed that a little, because Karlita told him what were they waiting for, because it was pandemic time. “Everything was an apocalypse, wasn’t it Karla?”, he is heard somewhat nervous.

This response was received with surprise by the driver, who decided to pressure him to say no.

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Karla Tarazona highlights that her husband was a father at 16 and differentiates him from Leonard León

The radio host confesses that her now husband is all terrain and took responsibility for her children from day one. “I am happy, thank God I have what I deserve. They love me and respect me. They no longer abuse me psychologically or physically. I have by my side a true man who gives his life for me and my children. So the others don’t interest me,” she added.

“He was a father at 16, he knew how to get ahead selling gas, then he studied administration to lead all his companies today, he is a thousand trades,” she confessed quite calmly.

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Karla Tarazona ignores Leonard León for criticizing her husband Rafael Fernández

She became a lioness to defend her sweetheart. is that the driver of d’tomorrowKarla Tarazona, responded to her ex Leonard Leonwho called Rafael Fernández a “ventriloquist doll”.

“He is so churro, handsome, that he looks like a doll and one of the intelligent ones. Who would not be proud to show off an intelligent doll with a good heart, a gentleman with all his letters well placed, and also an enterprising businessman. Difficult for it to reach the heel of my doll, my little egg fiu fiu (laughs) ”, she expressed.

The popular

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Rafael Fernández: How much did you invest in a gift for Karla Tarazona?

Doing a brief search for this bag, we realized something interesting, because as we know, many of our readers like to know the famous “chimi – chimi” of the expensive presents that celebrities have.

In the following video, so that you do not give yourself the effort to search for more about this beautiful bag, we did the homework for you and found out how much this would be present, which should be noted, the businessman himself said that it is an exclusive line of the current season of Louis Vuitton. Did you know that it could cost around 10 thousand soles?

Karla Tarazona surprised with a new luxury gift from her husband Rafael Fernández.

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Karla Tarazona confesses if she did witchcraft to Chabelita by Christian Domínguez: “The curse was cast”

We will finally know the reason for the end of Chabelitoh the singer In the latest edition of D’Tomorrowthe popular drivers did not waste time and, taking Fiorella Alzamora’s latest statements as a reference, they began to talk about the moorings and spells they performed on their ex-partners.

“I’ve always said, evil exists, but to tie someone up you don’t need to do those things, the curse was cast on her own,” said the popular host who was dying of laughter.

The popular

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Karla Tarazona: This is how her civil marriage with businessman Rafael Fernández took place

After a long wait, Karla Tarazona and the businessman Rafael Fernandez They were married last Friday, December 18, in the municipality of La Molina in a romantic ceremony, but in strict privacy. Family and closest friends accompanied them on this unforgettable day.

The driver enlisted from 5:00 in the morning at the Fernandini House from the Historic Center of Lima, there he met his partner to make a tender photo session that they both shared on their social networks. Long live the bride and groom!

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Karla Tarazona is surprised by Rafael Fernández for their 6 months of marriage

How romantic! Rafael Fernández had no better idea than to dress up as a bear to surprise his wife Karla Tarazona after the first 6 months of marriage. Leonard León’s ex, as expected, was moved almost to tears.

“A few weeks ago we had a trip, because of the situation and things, because of the boys it is also a bit complicated to be constantly going out,” said the Panamericana host when asked if she plans a trip to celebrate the special date.

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Karla Tarazona and Rafael Fernández become affectionate to the rhythm of ‘Bebito fiu fiu’: “Mi huevito”

Karla Tarazona de Fernández and her husband Rafael got romantic with the song ‘Mi bebito fiu fiu’, created by Titus Silva. It is with all that joy and romanticism of the song, they did not hesitate to give each other lots of love, showing that their love is like the song.

It should be remembered that for a few weeks the host of D’ Mañana revealed that she affectionately calls her partner as her “little egg fiu fiu”. They did not stop kissing on the Panamericana Television program.