Rafael Fernández took the son of Karla Tarazona and Christian Domínguez to the beach for the first time

The television host Karla Tarazona went on a trip with her family, Rafael Fernández and their three children, to the beaches of northern Peru. She and her husband shared snapshots of the most beautiful moments on their journey on social media.

The former comic actress released an emotional publication of what it means for her to have a united family and in this way she welcomed 2022 on the right foot.

For his part, Rafael Fernández showed that he gets along very well with the small children of his beloved, as he shared images with them.

Even with Christian Domínguez’s son, Valentino, who met the beach for the first time, this was revealed by Rafael Fernández.

“Valentino’s first time on the beach,” he wrote.

He also did not hesitate to dedicate a romantic message to Karla Tarazona, expressing all his love. We finally have a little time to be together, sweetie. As in love as when I asked you to marry him ”, he dedicated to her.

Karal Tarazona is proud of her husband and compares him with Luis Advíncula

The television host Karla Tarazona complimented her husband Rafael Fernández and even compared him to the bearing of Luis Advíncula, since they are both from Chincha.

“Now you know why I’m happy, my husband is from Chincha too,” she said with a laugh.