Rafael Nadal spoke about the controversial case of Novak Djokovic as he was not vaccinated

Without vaccine there is no participation. The case of Novak Djokovic has become known worldwide. The number one tennis player on the planet traveled to Australia to participate in the first Grand Slam of the year with a medical exemption not having any doses against COVID-19.

What seemed like a privilege granted to the Serbian athlete, since the government of this country requires that all entrants to its territory comply with its laws and regulations, finally the authorities of the country of Oceania determined that Djokovic did not have sufficient evidence, and Thus, they denied him a visa and ordered his deportation.

Faced with his non-participation, one of the great and historic tennis players, such as Rafael Nadal, gave statements about the case of his Serbian partner.

The Spanish athlete commented: “If I wanted to, I would be playing without problems in Australia. He is a person of legal age who makes his own decisions and who has to pay the consequences of those decisions ”, said ‘Rafa’, according to Marca.

Also, Nadal sent a message stating that the vaccine against the virus is important. “From my point of view, the only thing I can say is that I believe what people who know about medicine say, and if people say we have to get vaccinated, we have to get vaccinated” he pointed out.

And Roger Federer, last year specified: “I am vaccinated with the Pfizer. I am glad I did it with all the trips I do. I have done it above all for the others, I would not want to pass it on to another (in case of catching coronavirus). You have to be careful, be very careful “ were the words of Federer, according to Mundo Deportivo.