Ramón Candelario gives life to a prisoner for the second time, this time in “Danny 45: The terror of victory”

The Dominican actor, Ramón Emilio Candelario, is the one who stars in the film “Danny 45: The terror of victory”, directed by Gilbert De La Rosa. In the film, he plays the prisoner who takes control of this compound in the 1990s and spreads his reign to the other inmates.

It is not the first time that the winner of the Sovereign Award for Best Actor in 2022 plays a prisoner, since in 2017 he was the antagonist of the film “Carpinteros” by José María Cabral, where he plays Manaury, a problematic inmate who declares war to another because he establishes a romance with his partner.

During the premiere of the film, held yesterday at Cinema Centro del Malecón, Ramón Emilio Candelario spoke about the difference between this character and the others he has played.

“The nuances are different, each character is different, each process that you tackle immerses you in a unique experience. For me, I will give the same love and dedication to any project that I am going to dedicate myself to”.

Although the similarity in both characters was something that “frightened” the director of the production, when choosing Candelario as the main actor, but after the castings he understood that it was he who could embody this character, as revealed in the rue of press.

In the activity, Candelario also talked about how each production contributes to his personal and professional growth, because “art humanizes.”

“If in our country they gave more space to art and culture, young people would understand that there are more ways to conquer a stage, it doesn’t just have to be singing.”

In addition, he commented on the projection it has had internationally and how it contributes to Dominican cinema, “the idea is that the world knows our colors, our culture”

“I can work in other countries but I will always feel proud when I make Dominican cinema.”

He also stated that within his current projects is the Dominican-Spanish production, which recently finished filming, called “Tabula Rasa”, together with Macarena Gómez, Amaia Salamanca, Pedro Casablanc, Carlos Bardem.