Raphael sings victory in Madrid

raphael has taken advantage tonight of its already inalienable Christmas stop at the Wizink Center in Madrid to give it a first bite with all the tickets sold out at the tour in which he will present his most recent album, “Victoria”, as well as the essential classics, from “Qué sabe nadie” to “Como yo te amo”.

Restless as Linares is, for years he has been looking for young tailors to renew the wardrobe that Manuel Alejandro and José Luis Perales, among others, consolidated. He tried it with Iván Ferreiro, Vega or Dani Martín, but with none he fit in as much as with Pablo López, who for this album made 10 songs tailored to his legend about sacrifices, resistance and, as the title indicates, reward.

That legend feeds on nights like this in which although the voice is not logically what it was, raphael never ceases to amaze with commendable sustains and above all with the desire that is not lacking, neither in his disposition towards the public, nor in the interpretative intention, nor in the duration of the show: more than two hours and close to 30 cuts that have fulfilled expectations.

In fact, as the repertoire has made clear, it is difficult to separate one tour of another in a career that does not seem to envision the end point at his 79 years of age. At most the semicolon or the semicolon between the constants and different “tours” and projects of him.

In fact, except for five cuts of the aforementioned “Victoria”, just enough to refresh the ears, what was seen tonight is not far from the previous concert that he offered in Bilbao a couple of weeks ago, still as part of his tour of commemoration of 60 years of career, but of the two that he offered right here just one year ago.

For example, with the opening with one of the classics, the version of Adamo’s song “La noche”, in a date in which he has not left out other constants such as “I am still that one”, “I will be born again”, “My great night” or “Say what they say”, both with disco arrangements.



The singer Raphael offered a concert this Saturday at the Wizink Center in Madrid, where he begins his new tour in which he will present the songs from his new album Victoria, produced by Pablo López. (EFE)

Yes, he has dispensed with “Provocation” or “I can’t tear you away from me” to, instead, introduce recent songs like “Victoria”, “To stay on foot” or “Of so many people”, the second of the evening, with lyrics how well it fits with the idea of ​​”Raphaelism”: “Live and make live / Dream and make dream / Sing loving you / And loved for singing / Neither you nor I fly alone”.

“A punto de besarte” belongs to this group, which has sounded even bigger and more exciting than on the last album, worthy of being included among the stable songs of their concerts, although sometimes raphael The novelty may have been noticed, since he barely took his eyes off the monitor so as not to get lost with the lyrics.

“This song is not that it is romantic, it is that it is overwhelming. As a music professional I had never heard this way of approaching love and things,” he said in his only intervention to the public in praise of “My shoes know it “, his version of the original by Pablo López, whose absence tonight on stage has surprised.

Solidly escorted, yes, by 10 musicians and three choristers, his extensive record baggage has also allowed him to dive into cuts that have not been handled but have been cured for more than half a century, such as “Cierro mis ojos”, “La canción del trabajo” or a “My love” in which he has brought out all the claw and drama, with a final lament of electronic guitar.

Nor has he stopped returning to his beloved Latin America with three emblematic versions: the traditional “La llorona” and that of “Fallaste corazón” by Pedro Infante, with Mexico in the heart, and that of “Gracias a la vida” by Violeta Parra , from Chile.

In the last third, starting with “Estar enamorado”, raphael He has resorted to his favorite brooch, carved from the experience of so many years face to face with his audience with almost no variations: a colossal “En carne viva” in its instrumental climax, “Frente al espejo” with the best staging between crystals broken, “What does nobody know”, “Yo soy aquel”, the Christmas “El tamborilero” and, of course, “Scandal”.

It has been a brooch with the effigy of Rocío Jurado engraved in the center, since he has paid tribute to her first with “Se nos rompó el amor” and the audience standing and, after interpreting those other “crown jewels” of his homegrown, with the accolade of “Como te amo”.

After this first bite that tastes like “Victoria”, the complete immersion of raphael in his latest album will arrive in the coming months, with four concerts already confirmed: Jerez de la Frontera (July 29), Castellón (August 12), Seville (September 15) and, again here in a year, Madrid (December 16).