Raphy Pina appears for the first time using her electronic shackle next to her daughter

Rapphy Pina Natti Natasha’s partner is going through a difficult start to the year; however, he is not daunted by the difficulties of life. After the Puerto Rico Court found guilty of two charges of illegal possession of weapons, the Puerto Rican artist was ordered to remain under house arrest, a restriction that he must religiously comply with until April 1, 2022, the date on which his future will be defined. .

In addition to this shocking news, the Pina Gutiérrez family contracted COVID-19 on New Year’s Eve, so they had to spend the holiday in confinement.

However, the producer takes refuge in each of the members of his family, especially in his daughter Vida Isabelle, who gives him a lot of strength in this difficult stage.

Both Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina have been very careful and wear a mask when they are with their little girl, because they do not want to infect her.

Along these lines, the Puerto Rican musician shared a postcard in which he appeared holding Vida Isabelle, who was standing.

In the caption that accompanied the publication, Raphy Pina highlighted the importance of family and the unconditional love she feels for her children.

“You hardly know me and you can’t imagine what one would do to protect them. Take care of your families that ‘even the good ones’ are uncomfortable with the happiness of others. #SeFuerte #Family 1-3-22. The look that continues to give me strength, “wrote the music producer.

A detail that drew attention in said photograph was the electronic shackle that Pina wears on one of her ankles, a fact that shows that she has been carrying out her house arrest, as ordered.

Moments before knowing whether or not he will serve a sentence, Raphy Pina spoke on social networks to express her concern about the possibility of going to jail.

“God willing and that this is not my last post”, The producer began by writing along with some images where he appears next to his family.

“This process has not been easy, but believe me that for those in these photos I go to the last consequences. I have faith and I know that God knows my heart, my dedication and my posture ”, added Natti Natasha’s partner.