Rapper J $ tash kills his partner in front of their children before taking his own life

Rapper J $ tash was found dead and the police are handling the preliminary thesis that he killed a woman in front of her three children before committing suicide in a house in Temple City, California, United States. He was 28 years old.

Lt. Derrick Alfred confirmed that J $ tash is believed to have killed Jeanette Gallegos, 27, before taking his own life.

Alfred told The Sun newspaper that J $ tash, whose real name is Justin Joseph, and Gallegos had been living together in the Temple City home for the past few months.

The couple was arguing about their relationship on January 1 before J $ tash led Gallegos into the master bedroom and closed the door, Alfred said.

The officer went on to tell The Sun that Gallegos’ children, ages 7, 9 and 11, were home at the time and knocked on the door periodically to make sure their mom was okay.

The children then heard gunshots around 7 a.m. and called their grandmother, who told them to call the police, the police spokesman explained.

When the police officers arrived at the house, the children ran out and the officers forced their way into the master bedroom, which was locked.

Alfred said officers later “found the victim and her boyfriend J $ tash on the floor inside.”

The late rapper J $ tash was considered a promising artist in the music industry, since since the release of his first album, “Rich Bell” (2016), he began to amass a large number of fans, published the newspaper La Opinion de Los Angeles .

Following the success of his first musical project, the rapper released three albums including: “No more distractions”, “Relax with me” and “6ix before 7even”, which led him to conquer social media, where he managed to create a community with just over 160 thousand followers on Instagram.