Raúl Fernández on University: “I want to retire in the team of my loves”

Raul Fernandez became one of the most important signings of Athletic Grau to dispute League 1 Betsson 2022. The national goalkeeper gave an interview for Gol Peru and referred to the current situation of the Piura team, which has just been promoted to the first division.

“Atlético Grau is a great team, with a lot of history and tradition, 102 of life, and we want to reach an international tournament, but first we are going to go game by game. With the passing of time we will see how far we can go to be able to fight for more important things, “he said.

In addition, the goalkeeper indicated that a good group has been formed for this season. “It is a new group that has been formed. The new ones that we have joined have liked each other, the backbone that has been maintained from last year has made us feel as a family, at home, and that is the most important thing, in a team that builds a good group and that is happening ”.

On the other hand, ‘Superman’ showed his desire to return to Sports University to be able to finish his career in the team of which he is a fan. “I feel privileged to have done this race, I am still in force. I still feel that there is more to go and we will continue working towards that. I have a lot of affection for University, I am a fan and I was trained there. I still feel that I could do my bit for the club and retire in the team of my loves”.