Raúl Romero after criticism for his attitude towards a fan: “I don’t feel like anyone stoned me”

The Peruvian singer Raúl Romero gave a concert in Chimbote, a few weeks ago, where he starred in an episode with a fan, who came to the stage to take a picture with the interpreter of “Los patos y las patas”. After this fact, the behavior of the popular ‘bean face’ He was questioned on social networks, in the same way, by various public figures, such as Magaly Medina who described the former member of the disappeared band Nosequién y los Nosecuántos as “rude”.

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Raúl Romero talks about the criticism for his questioned attitude with a follower

The artist Raúl Romero referred to criticism on social networks after he touched the cell phone of a follower for his genitals. As you remember, the fans gave him this electronic device in order for him to record a greeting or both take a picture.

“I don’t feel like anyone stoned me. The issue is how we walk through those networks (…) There are people who expressed their opinion for and against “made it clear interpreter of “Magdalena” in an interview for the newspaper Trome.

In that sense, the now former coach of “La voz Perú” He hinted that he does not take into account the negative comments of netizens.

“The act of sitting down and writing insulting, attacking opinions is an act that starts with the user and goes to the network. If I don’t read those comments, because I didn’t read them, nobody has stoned me.”he added.

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Raúl Romero gives his opinion on public criticism regarding the lack of humility of some musicians

According to Raúl Romero, a musician does not have to be humble. In this context, he assured that it is a misconception in Peru.

“It is not a value related to music (…) Let’s say, an artist is 20 or 30 years old, he gave you memorable songs, he gave Peru hits, but they say: ‘He’s not humble.’ That? Is it going to be your paw?”he also indicated youtuber.

Raúl Romero’s charisma, spark and talent make him attract a large number of fans at his concerts. Photo: capture Instagram