Raúl Romero: What is the history of your nickname ‘Cara de haba’?

A few days ago it was rumored that the singer Raúl Romero would return to driving, but these speculations have already been flatly discarded by a former host because he is focused on new projects away from the television world. Recall that the interdictions arose after the departure of Gian Piero Díaz from Esto es Guerra and began to say that the popular ‘Cara de haba’ would be the new host of the reality show.

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Raul He was the host of one of the most beloved programs on Peruvian television, Habacilar, which began to be broadcast in 2003 through América Televisión but which unfortunately came to an end despite having been very successful. It is in this production that its nickname ‘Cara de haba’ became known even more, but how did it come about?

How did the nickname ‘Bean Face’ come about?

Nickname Raul Romero came up long before the show Habacilar, in his presentation in the program ‘R con Erre’ broadcast by Panamericana Televisión between 2000 and 2003, he spoke about his return to the small screen and said that for a long time the public did not know about him, the popular ‘Cara de bean’.

That is why we can say that his nickname arose long before the broadcast of his two television projects, although there is no exact date on which his creation can be defined. Let us remember that from 1993 to 1997 he was the presenter of the program from 2 to 4, which had a format similar to Hacilar and R with ERRE.

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But his nickname gained more strength during your work in America, it is here that he also became better known by all young people as the popular ‘ugly’. In addition, it should be noted that Raúl after his departure from TV dedicated himself 100% to music.