Rauw Alejandro and Wisin distribute gifts in Puerto Rico on the eve of Kings

The Puerto Rican urban artists Rauw Alejandro and Wisin delivered gifts to dozens of children in Puerto Rico on the eve of Three Kings Day and in gratitude for the support of their respective careers.

Rauw Alejandro arrived riding in a truck with the three kings to the new grounds of the Catholic parish San Felipe Apóstol in Carolina, a municipality near San Juan and the interpreter’s upbringing, where he reunited “with the people” who saw him “grow up. “.

There, dozens of people mounted in their respective cars waited for the artist to give them a gift, while other young people asked for a photo or an autograph.

The delivery of the gifts was organized by the self-service method as a health security measure due to the covid-19.

According to the also boyfriend of the Spanish artist Rosalía told the media that attended the event, this is the second time that he has organized the event, and he assured that he will continue to do so “until God says.”

Accompanied by the parish priest of the church, the priest Rodney Algarín, Rauw Alejandro recalled that for Three Kings Day, his father would make him “a box full of grass, he would take some horseshoes and mark them on the box as if the kings had come to his House”.

“For me this tradition is very special, that we must take care of, and that the new generations have to continue with the culture,” said the 28-year-old Puerto Rican artist.

In turn, the interpreter of hits such as “Todo de ti”, “2 / fourteen”, “Strawberry kiwi” and “Pensándote”, asked for the feast of Epiphany “a lot of health, a lot of blessing for mine and good things, that is what takes us to heaven, up there. “

The public appearance of Rauw Alejandro this Wednesday is the most recent since several days ago he appeared in a Christmas show in the public residential (popular neighborhood) Virgilio Dávila in Bayamón, a municipality adjacent to San Juan.

Rosalía, Lyanno, Randy, Farruko and Rafa Pabón, among others, also performed there.

Said presentation, however, is being investigated by the authorities, due to the fact that it did not have authorization due to the rebound in infections by covid-19 in Puerto Rico.

Although the requested authorization was denied, the event took place, which led to the current investigation.

Faced with this, Rauw Alejandro defended himself today saying: “They invited me and have a good time.”

Wisin, meanwhile, joined the Stefano Foundation to deliver the gifts in the Las Piñas sector, in the Beatriz de Caguas neighborhood, a municipality near San Juan.

On Sunday, the urban artist will once again distribute toys in public housing, as he published in a video on his social networks.

“We want to bless all children and in the midst of this pandemic to be able to bring them joy,” he wrote in the publication.