Rauw Alejandro will premiere new music during concerts

rauw alejandro He is totally focused on his stage in international stadiums, as he demonstrated during a recent interview conducted during his physical warm-ups prior to his first concert in it Sol Forum of Mexico Cityfor which he summoned about 70,000 attendees.

“Incredible! There are many artists from my island who have been able to fill the stadium here,” said Alejandro riding a stationary bike in sportswear, recalling that the Foro Sol has witnessed important concerts for daddy yankee and Wisin & Yandel.

“And I’ll be on that list.”

Alejandro continued his training doing leg stretches and coordination exercises. “The energy is very high, the adrenaline never goes down,” he said.

Outside, the remains of a heavy storm were still falling, causing the concert started later than expected. This didn’t stop the fans from exploding with excitement, his raincoats and all, when Alejandro took the stage wearing a costume in shades of purple and blue with retro touches from the 90s.

The crowd chanted songs like “All of you”, “Far from heaven”, “Mint green”, “Virtual sex”, “The old skul” or “Tell him”. Alejandro had Lyanno and Chris Palace as guests.

The boyfriend of the Spanish singer rosalia He arrived in Mexico after completing a 28-date tour in the United States in which he toured the country from coast to coast visiting cities such as Miami, Houston, New York, San Diego and Seattle, among others.

“Mexico has been one of my cities that has supported my career the most, it is the top 2 or 1 of the most Rauw listeners, so for me it is my second home,” he said. “Almost all my records I break here in Mexico, my first arena in which I put 20,000 people was in Mexico”

“And now the stadium is the record that I have filled the most in my career,” he added. “A couple of tequilas for me to take away! I’m happy with the love they give me.”

His girlfriend recently rosalia appeared in a concert free in the Zócalo of the Mexican capital, many wondered if Alejandro would be one of his surprise guests, but he could not be there because he was on his American dates. However, he said that, like the Catalan star, he would like to gather more than 150,000 people in the most important square in the country.

“We were before, a week, (she) was preparing for that concert,” he said. “Someday I would also like to do a Zócalo, it would be incredible,” she added.

At the end of March, the couple released their EP “RR” with the song “Beso” in whose video they announced that they are engaged to be married: “We had it there,” Alejandro said.

Alejandro shared that both have traveled together to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where they spent a nice vacation. When he was younger, he traveled with his family to Cancun, where he swam with dolphins.

“I have many friends who are surfers, they have always told me come here and I never have time, but I have always wanted to surf here as well”, he pointed out.

This week he appeared in concert precisely in Cancun and over the weekend it will arrive at another important Mexican port, Veracruz.

He will continue with his presentations in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Hermosillo and Tijuana.

Starting in August, he will take his tour of Spain with stops in Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Madrid, among others. After this section, he will travel to Italy, Canada, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany, among other countries. By the end of the year he has more dates planned in Latin America.

“In Mexico, South America and the United States I went through the process of going through clubs, theaters, I evolved, I was able to meet the fan, but in these (European) cities I have never gone and today I literally go to the arenas, boom! There to the wolves,” she noted. “We continue to grow and learn, we still need to improve and perfect the shows.”

Describing how his live performances have evolved, Alejandro was clear: “There is more money, for investment, that helps a lot for the crazy inventions of artists”.

In addition to a stage from which a UFO “abducts” him, his show has giant screens and a body of 18 dancers including the Jabbawockeez.

He shared that there are also cameras to record the excitement of the crowd and that his favorite part of the show is when he brings couples from the audience up to dance on stage.

“For me it’s a great moment of the show,” he said. “Having that interaction very close to them, it’s a very cool (great) moment.”

But sometimes the simplest is what attracts the most attention and his choreographies could not be missing, including sensual movements. Alejandro promised that he will continue to pamper his fans with his dances and the moments in which he takes off some clothes: “Always, that’s why I have to keep fit because if the magic doesn’t go away,” he said while continuing to exercise.

For those who cannot go to their concerts there is also good news. Alejandro said that he is close to releasing his next album which he considers a kind of continuation of the “Saturn” universe.

“I have a surprise for my fans now in the summer, it is a project focused literally on what summer is,” he said. “It is a spinoff (derivative) of ‘Saturn’. There is continuity to what the sounds are, but there is a lot of reggaeton too, so it is an album for fun “

“I think summer is like that time when you have those moments that mark your life and those memories are key,” he added. So “it’s one of my favorite dates to release music”

Another of the details that he revealed about this new album is that “it has a lot to do with the beach,” like the environment in which he grew up in Puerto Rico.

“Saturno” is an album that is full of 1980s and 90s vibes, with lots of retro synths.

“I am a Capricorn and the planet of Capricorns is Saturn,” said Alejandro. “Saturn is like that planet of nostalgia and melancholy, that’s why I decide to visit the sounds of the past, from the 80s, the synthesizers.”