Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes star in “El Brujo”

The filmmaker Archie López will return to theaters and he does so with the film “El Brujo”, a film production starring Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes.

Although the name of the film would seem to indicate that it is an adult product, it is the opposite.

“El Brujo is a family film that celebrates beauty, joy and peasant values, an undoubted mark of our country. Mon’s return to town and the presence of his nephew from New York offer the opportunity to assess the support of the family and the love with which Dominicans live from generation to generation, ”Archie López told Diario Libre.

In addition to the leading role of Pozo y Céspedes, the director had the participation of prominent figures, such as Jayden Marine, Karla Fatule, Jochy Santos, Waddys Jáquez, Nany Peña, Jacqueline Estrella and Mario Núñez. Juan Carlos Pichardo, Zamantha Díaz and Papachín, among others, also perform.

“Raymond Pozo told me that this movie will break Lotoman’s box office record because it is a family comedy that Dominicans will identify with. This film was filmed in a field, which links it a lot to the people, ”she said.

López recalled that the COVID-19 pandemic caused a two-year delay for the filming of El Brujo. He recalled that Ariel Kelly gave him the script, which was later worked on by them.

“We were finally able to materialize a film that we are sure will be liked by the public when it hits theaters.”

When the scenes began to shoot, the vaccines had already arrived in the country, so they did not present major obstacles.

All participants had to be vaccinated and wear masks, among other protocols for protection against the coronavirus. “Being in a field made things easier for us. Every two weeks we did tests and nobody tested positive, “said Archie López, who revealed that he has already filmed eleven movies with this.

Raymond Pozo plays El Brujo, a character (Mon) who feels persecuted after starring in a confusing incident in Santo Domingo and travels to the countryside where Primo (Miguel Céspedes) lives, who is taking advantage of his son Vladi’s (Jayden) vacation. Marine) to teach him to be a good Dominican and a successful player.

“We carry a positive message, the authenticity of the Dominican is reflected in this film. Those are the elements that identify us in my films, I always like to show the positive side of Dominicans. I am very excited about this film because it has a very good story, “said López.

Archie commented: “The story also motivates a reflective exercise on how fear can lead us to make mistakes and how we can always find the opportunity to assert ourselves.”

This film was shot with the incentives established by the Cinema Law. On this subject, he recalled how important legislation is for the development of the industry.

“We shot 70% of the film in Higüero, which had a positive impact on the economy of that demarcation. That is what some do not understand how communities benefit when a film is made there, ”he commented.

Archie did not want to reveal the budget for the film, but did give an approximate release date.

“We are working to be ready for next year’s summer or December. Everything is subject to the rotation of the programming of the cinemas, because due to the pandemic there are many films that have been delayed. Depending on availability, we adapt to that. Right now we are in the post-production process, which will take about five or six months ”.

Almost two years with closed movie theaters lacerated the nascent national film industry.

“Some films were made because they were in process, but I understand that more than half of the local productions were stopped. Many people had a bad time during that time in which we were closed, “he said.

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