RBD and the time the band performed in Peru with tickets for S/30: how was the concert?

RBD returns to the stage after the great success they had in the 2000s. Although on this occasion, the popular band will not perform in our country, we remember what their time in Lima was like in their last concert held in 2008, when the Tickets to see the musical group cost from S/30.

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RBD gave an exclusive interview to the “Habacilar” program prior to their concert in Peru in 2008. On that occasion, the band emphasized that what the members were going to miss the most were the moments together between them: “Yeah, we’re going to miss each other so much, it’s hard to say goodbye. I think we haven’t assimilated it yet,” he said. anahí.

“Every second that we have lived has been wonderful, it has been a unique opportunity, we thank the fans for giving us so much support, so much love, so much affection,” he added. Christian Chavez.

How was the RBD concert in Peru in 2008?

More than 20,000 followers of the RBD band gathered at the National Stadium on December 13, 2008 to attend the concert “The last good-bye”tour that would end the stage as singers of the six Mexicans.

From early hours, long lines were reported outside the National Stadium and a large number of fans took advantage of the occasion to dress up as their favorite singers, precisely with the Elite Way School uniform.

At approximately 8:00 pm, the members of RBD went on stage and opened the concert with “Cariño mío”, a presentation in which they also took the opportunity to offer a warm greeting to their fans.

Dulce María at the RBD concert in Peru, 2008. Photo: capture/YouTube

Good night Lima! Thank you very much, for so much affection, for so much love, for these four years of incredible love. Thanks, Peru. (…) Up the Rebel generation!” exclaimed Christian Chávez. “Thank you very much for everything and for showing us that there are no borders in love and music.. Thank you very much, Peru”, added Dulce María.

With hits like “Rebel”, “To be or to seem”, “Our love” and more, RBD delighted their Peruvian audience until the band finally said goodbye thanking them for their constant support during their musical career in what was their last concert in local territory.

RBD in Peru: how much did the tickets cost?

At the 2008 concert, RBD was presented at the National Stadium with a price of tickets accessible to all audiences. While the cheapest ticket cost S/30, the first zone called RBD cost S/399.

RBD in Peru

RBD concert in Peru 2008. Photo: composition LR/Andina/Buena Música
  • South Zone: $30
  • East zone: S/63
  • Low west zone: S/63
  • Midwest zone: S/74
  • High west zone: S/84
  • Silver area: $105
  • Preferential area: S/189
  • VIP zone: S/310
  • RBD zone: S/399.