Rebeca Escribans against the release of John Kelvin: “Dalia and her children worry me” [VIDEO]

Nothing was saved. John Kelvin has been making waves after being released after serving a year in prison for physical and psychological aggression against Dahlia Duranand this has led many to speak out about it, as did Rebecca Writens LIVE.

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In the latest edition of America ShowsThis Wednesday, October 26, the driver had to present the note about the cumbiambero’s release from jail, and nothing was saved when giving her opinion on this situation to viewers.

Rebecca Writens He took a few moments to ensure that Peruvian justice must improve after the release of John Kelvin and gave support to Dalia Durán and her children. “She has surprised more than one of us,” she said initially, quite annoyed by the situation.

“What worries me is Dalia, her children, because of the blessed fear that they will do something to her, did you see the images? They hit her, she goes inside for a little while and then comes out. There are many things to work on in this country, We are going to be aware of this news, of Dalia, the children, who have to be protected,” he said.

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Would John Kelvin return to TV? Samuel Suárez says what he thinks

In view of The Popular, Samuel Suarez spoke about the possibility that John Kelvin return to television after being released because at the time he speculated that Gisela Valcárcel would call him for The Great Show, and he said everything he thinks.

For himself I think he is going to save himself, I do not see him in the air of wanting to treat himself to all the television programs, and do a circus. He would be the wisest thing to do after all the scandal, but sooner or later he’s going to have to come back. The programs, not specifically speaking, everyone is going to fight him, he is going to keep it, and one day he is going to leave it in the past, it is the pattern that is fulfilled with every media scandal.

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Metiche disapproves of John Kelvin’s release: “I believe in Dalia, he should have stayed in jail”

The hosts of D’mañana referred to the controversial release of the singer from prison, and they did not hold anything back when giving their opinion on this situation to the viewers of the Panamaricana program, so Kurt Villavicencio was outraged.

“This point of life is despicable, what Dalia Durán said at the beginning is true, they gave him 21 years, he should have stayed, with no image of the Virgin of Guadalupe,” he said. Nosy.

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John Kelvin would drag problems from a past life, according to seer in D’mañana

It should be noted that the seer Soralla from Los Angeles was a guest on the set of D’mañana to reveal details of an alleged past life of John Kelvin, who has just been released after a year in prison.

“He has not healed love relationships, that is why it is difficult for him to find love, he has not healed wounds from the past, he has been an executioner, he did not forgive Dalia’s life in a previous life, and he wanted to do justice,” he said.

The popular

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Dalia Durán sends a message to John Kelvin: “The woman that man left destroyed is not the same as I am today”

in D’tomorrow Dahlia Duran made it clear that he did not take the release of John Kelvin after disclosing all the aggressions that he made with evidence. “I am in shock with this situation, everything I have been hearing, so much humiliation, not now, but since the whole process,” he said.

After this, the blonde shared a message of overcoming and completely distanced herself from the father of her children now that she is free, making it clear that she will not be defeated. “The woman that that man left destroyed, made, violated, she is not the woman that I am today,” she concluded.

Dalia Durán is not daunted by the release of her attacker.