Rebeca Escribans to Natalia Salas after starting chemotherapy: “We are with you” [VIDEO]

In the recent edition of America Shows, the host Rebeca Escribans was encouraged to send the best vibes to the actress Natalia Salas. The actress would already be about to start her treatments to eliminate breast cancer once and for all, because there is still the possibility that she has cancer cells despite having surgery.

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Given this, Rebeca He did not hesitate to send Natalia the best vibes and I reaffirm that she is at this important moment in her life. “It’s good that you’re still recording ‘The Girls of 4c’, while she finishes with chemo and that one comes out… as soon as possible,” she said at first.

“This is with all my love, my solidarity from woman to woman and good from everyone in general. So we are with you, my Nati, in this adventure, in this test of life. Everything will be fine,” said the driver.

It is worth emphasizing that, through your account Instagramthe influencer recorded a video where she told the harsh processes that she must undergo after having emerged victorious from her operation, and it turns out that she will not only undergo chemotherapies, but must follow other processes to be able to eradicate possible cancer cells that were left

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Natalia Salas and her hard battle against cancer

According to the influencer Natalia Salasone of the things that she is going to have to face is pain, because she is quite afraid of that, in addition, she stressed that she must have a lot of patience, since the treatment would last a long time.

“What I am most afraid of is pain, so this is a great life lesson to tolerate pain and be patient, because it is more of a long-term treatment […] This is like a marathon, so you have to dose the air and the last 100 meters there the peak, “said the also quite emotional singer.