Rebeca Escribens after hearing Alejandra Baigorria’s promise for theft of her store: “Strong, clear and forceful”

the driver of america showsRebeca Escribns, did not hesitate to speak after hearing the words of Alejandra Baigorria through her Twitter account. instagram after the robbery that he suffered in one of his clothing stores, which caused the total fury of the ex-chica reality, who did not hesitate to assure that he will do everything possible to catch the thieves.

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In the América Televisión entertainment program, the forceful message he sent was passed as a note Alejandra Baigorria through his social networks, even assuring that he will reward the people who manage to provide him with any information about the people who committed the robbery.

After listening to the blonde’s statements, the one who did not hesitate to speak was Rebecca Writens: “Strong, clear and forceful, Alejandra Baigorria Through this message it is clear to us that he is not afraid of anything, and that he is going to face this harsh situation that he has had to live through, “said the show host.

write to us gave the reason to Baigorria, as it ensures that there are several thieves who are taking advantage of the situation of the current political crisis to commit criminal acts. But, he assured that he should not make the situation daily, but all of it should change.

“And if what he says is true, while our police force is trying to ensure order in this country, there are subjects who are taking advantage of this situation, which by the way, this type of news is always in order. We have to be careful when we go shopping, the girl was there. I don’t want to go back to normal and say that it’s our daily bread, it shouldn’t be like that,” he continued. Rebecca Writens.

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Alejandra Baigorria speaks out after the robbery she suffered in her store

The model Alejandra Baigorria She was quite upset with the robbery she suffered in her clothing store, which is why, through her account instagram He sent a forceful message through his social networks, in addition, he exposed the face of the thieves on his social networks.

“There you can see your face, your pot, your face as a thief and lazy. Instead of working for your family, you are stealing and you will be the shame of your family, of those who know you, I will not stop until I find out who you are and where do you live”, she expressed full of rage.