Rebeca Escribens attacks Renato Tapia: “That he take responsibility for his son, financially and emotionally”

Nothing was saved. Rebeca Escribens used the space in her show program of america television to rule on what happened to the soccer player Renato Tapia, who was accused by his ex-partner Daniela Castro for not wanting to legally assume the paternity of his son, who was conceived out of wedlock. The young woman she appeared in “Magaly TV, The Firm” speaking of the case and pointed out that, although the selected one assumed the economic expenses of the minor, he did not share emotionally with the child nor was he a figure present in his life.

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What did Rebeca Escribns say about Renato Tapia?

In the last broadcast of “América Espectáculos”, the television presenter spoke about the footballer and the delicate situation he is experiencing. According to the also actress, the most important thing will always be that a father assume responsibility for him with a minor. In addition, she stressed that it was vital that he not only send her money, but that they spend quality time together.

“The important thing is that he takes responsibility for his son, but not only financially, but emotionally, that he is there, that the child grows up knowing that he has a father present,” said Escribens.

What did Renato Tapia say about his son?

Renato Tapia broke his silence in a statement on Instagram, after his ex-partner, Daniela Castro, publicly denounced him for not assuming the paternity of his six-year-old son. Despite the fact that, in his communication on social networks, he recognized the minor as his, he did not indicate when he performed this procedure.

“Clarify that, from the first moment, I was present for my son Fabrizio, covering his needs and assuming the obligations that correspond as a father,” said the footballer in his statement.

Renato Tapia’s cousin assures that the soccer player hardly visited his son

This time, to show that Renato Tapia rarely or hardly ever visited his son in common, Daniela Castro took an audio to the program in which she and José Martín Alva discussed why the selected one did not come home to share time with the minor . In the clip, Tapia’s cousin points out that he would also like the athlete to visit the boy more, but he is not in a position to demand such a thing.

“If at some point you think that I’m going to say to Renato ‘it’s not that the fat guy wants to talk to you.’ Do you think that I would like the fat man, maybe once a week, now that there is Facetime, to facetime with his dad?”, José Martín Alva could be heard saying very obfuscated.