Rebelde: what happened to the life of the original cast of the Mexican soap opera?

The youth soap opera Rebel It was an adaptation of the Argentine production Rebelde Way. In this sense, the Mexican pop group, which also became known as RBD, conquered many viewers during its transmission on the Televisa signal. The successful plot tells the adventures, dramas and romances of the students Mia (Anahí Puente), Roberta (Dulce María Espinosa), Lupita (Maite Perroni), Miguel (Alfonso Herrera), Diego (Christopher Uckermann) and Giovanni (Christian Chávez).

During the development of the Mexican soap opera, the main characters formed the musical group RBD and they themselves provided their voices. In addition, when the series came to an end, the artists appeared in different countries with their memorable songs such as “Rebelde”, “Save me”, “Enséñame” or “Ser o pare”, which marked many young people for their modern looks for The time.

After several world tours, the group announced their separation and made their last tour which they called Goodbye Tour. Since then, the actors have taken different directions. For this reason, in this note we tell you what the protagonists of Rebelde or simply RBD are currently doing.

The actress participated in different Mexican soap operas and movies. Later he returned to music and published several albums. He has also composed several songs for different soap operas. During the confinement generated by COVID-19, the singer published “Más tuya que mía”, the first single from her fourth solo album. Finally, she married producer Paco Álvarez and in 2020 she became a mother for the first time.

She continued her career as a soloist and, after separating from RBD, she released two albums titled Mi delirio, in 2009, and Inesperado, in 2016. In addition, she has worked in different soap operas and films, is a composer, businesswoman and practices modeling. Likewise, the Mexican created her own page called An by Anahí, where she provides advice on nutrition, fitness and yoga. Finally, she married Manuel Velasco Coello, with whom she has two children.

In 2012, he released his first single titled “Te daré mi corazón” and a year later he released his solo album Eclipse de luna. He has also managed to work on different soap operas such as Cachito de cielo, La gata and Papá a toda madre. The singer has also starred in the series The Keys Game, from Amazon Prime Video, and Dark Desire, from Netflix.

After his participation in Rebelde, he was seen acting in several television series such as El equipo, El ten and Sense8. In addition, he has worked in plays such as Rain man and Swimming with sharks. In recent years, the actor has been very committed to humanitarian activities and is the main ambassador of the Go on my account campaign, which offers healthy nutrition to vulnerable children in Mexico.

Upon separating from the group, Uckermann began his solo stage and released his song “Light up the world tonight.” Later, he had a starring role in Kdabra. In 2010, he released his first album Somos and made a short musical tour of Brazil. In addition, in 2020, he published his fourth album Sutil universe. In the world of acting, he has had several opportunities to appear in Soltera coveted, El would have yes exists and was the protagonist of the soap opera Diablero.

After the telenovela Rebelde came to an end, Christian Chávez released his first single called “Where are you?” and later his solo album entitled Transparent Souls. In recent years, he has been seen participating in the film Through the Good Times and the Bad; as well as in the series La casa de las flores, broadcast by the Netflix platform.