Recognition for Dominican women with 360 degree success

A group of women who, with their work, deliver a successful career, have received recognition that makes each one a Dominican 360. Evelyn Betancourt, Chiky Bombón, Belkis Concepción, Tania Medina, Elvira Lora, Francisca Lachapel, Mariela Encarnación, Magaly Febles, Luz García, Chef Tita, Clarissa Molina and Nahiony Reyes Batista are the winners in this first edition of an initiative that aims to take place every year in the country.

Luis Alfonso Borrego, Telemundo journalist and executive director of the initiative, was satisfied with the success achieved in this first installment that recognized these Dominicans for having impeccable careers, exemplary lives and being ambassadors emeritus of the country. The activity organized by Imagen Entertainment was held in Punta Cana.

The interest is that in the future deliveries of this recognition, more women receive the distinction and continue to inspire other generations that no matter what work they do, they do it well and with dedication, so that with it they can be recognized regardless of the borders, Borrego said.

First edition

In this first edition, tribute is paid to the women of the country who, in different areas, have known how to raise up on behalf of the Dominican Republic. During this weekend, journalists from national and international media recognized the art, talent and dedication of those who have given everything to provide a quality service in what they do.

This initiative was born out of the desire and concern of a group of social communicators based in the United States and who, after a series of statistical studies, showed that, although the rates of gender inequality are wide, the trend is that the unfavorable figures decrease more progressively.

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