Reggaeton player Ovi is released after altercation with Leamsy ‘La Figura’: “I made a serious mistake”

Ovi one of the best known reggaeton singers in Cuba, starred in a strong altercation with another exponent of urban music, Leamsy ‘The Figure’ which caused him to be arrested. After regaining his freedom, Ovidio Crespo (real name) published, on December 30, a message of thanks on his Instagram account.

“Family we are out and well, thank God and everyone who cared about me, followers, friends and family, thank you from the heart” Indian.

The 26-year-old artist acknowledged in the second part of his publication that he made a mistake.

“Believe me, I got carried away by a problem and made a serious mistake like any human being. I learned the lesson. I love them. With God as a lawyer, who against me? You will see that I get up from this one, “he said.

On December 29, Ovi staged a fierce altercation with Leamsy ‘La Figura’ outside a jewelry store in Miami. The interpreter of “When it touches it touches” and “Day of payment” lost his temper, took out a weapon and began to make threatening gestures.

A police officer present in the area noticed what had happened and proceeded to arrest him. Later, he was charged with two counts: aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and drawing a firearm in public.

Ovi was taken to the Miami-Dade County station, where he stayed for a full day until his release after posting a $ 6,000 bond.