Regina Alcóver praises Gian Marco’s current girlfriend: “She is a torrent of joy”

Regina Alcóver, mother of singer Gian Marco Zignago, opened her heart and revealed unknown details about her son’s new romantic relationship with Colombian actress Juliana Molina.

Currently, the composer is separated from claudia moor and recently began a romantic relationship with the protagonist of “Calichin” the movie of Aldo Miyashiro.

The renowned actress spoke about Juliana’s romance and Gian Marco and declared that “he wishes them all the happiness in the world”. Likewise, she defended them from the criticism they received on social networks.

“Divorce is not easy, from anyone, if not, ask me… So, there are wounds, there are furrows, for each one, but if a torrent of joy comes from a person, I have to say it… (Juliana) is a torrent of joy, vitality, enthusiasm”, Alcóver said in an interview with “Amor y Fuego”.

On the other hand, he also added that Molina gets along very well with Gian Marco’s children and with other members of his family.

“She has conquered everyone, everyone who knows her, because she has a very nice character. Souls meet and (my son) has the right to rebuild his life, to love whoever he wantsRegina concluded.

Alcóver also described the bond that his former daughter-in-law had, emphasizing that they were never very close. “I did not have a friendly relationship with Claudia, she was always welcome at my house. She kept a distance and so did I”, he commented.